This morning my wife reminded me that it was Friday the 13th. She asked me what I was going to talk about and I said I was going to speak with Anthony Patch about a topic I touched on back on October 13th and reference a few other things about that threatening number of the 13, along with the decimation or the 10 percentile cull of the populace. She told me to be cautious about what I say because many times I speak about topics and they come true.

Back when I first addressed the 13 number as a threatening number and the Three-Ten or threatening pattern of Decimation the Crow Moon was seen. Uniquely as we address another Friday the 13th we do so 13 days after the Harvest full moon on October 31st – the inverted numerical 13.

On Friday, March 13th days after the Crow Moon, the president declared a national emergency about Covid-19. Today, he declared that a vaccine was discovered to be 90 percent effective 13 days after a full Harvest Moon was seen.

Nationally, on Friday, November the 13th it was announced that the overall percentage of respiratory specimens testing positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, increased from 8.4% during week 44 to just over 10% during week 45. Percent positivity increased among all age groups.

Nationally, all surveillance indicators included in COVID View are showing increases in SARS-CoV-2 virus circulation and associated illnesses and deaths. All climbing from 8.5% to 10.5% — but according to surveillance indicators this is a low estimate as projections in the model may be higher well into December — December again factors into the tenfold decimation pattern as December its name from the Latin word “decem” (meaning ten) because it was originally the tenth month of the year in the calendar of Romulus c. 750 BC which began in March. The winter days following December were not included as part of any month.

Thirteen is literally three ten or three plus 10.

Three ten’s when heard quickly can be heard as another word.

That word is “threaten.”

Today, many governors across the United States threatened to close businesses again and declare lockdowns until December 10th.

Meanings of numbers create a powerful meme. Decimation is a word that is taken from the Greek word deca, deci or tenth.  The original name for the 10 commandments is the Decalogue. A decameter is 10 meters; a decade is 10 years. Decimation is a frightening word because it means to reduce something or remove something by a tenth.

Now Decimation can mean 10 reduced to 9 or 10 reduced to 1 but it is more commonly used to define a reduction or removal of a considerable amount.

COVID-19 factors in as 10 can reduce to 1 and then of course to 9 because 1+9 is 10.


Another viral numeric coincidence is the numeric value of the 6 letter word Corona. If you take each letter of the word Corona and spell it using its numeric position in the alphabet you get the following:

N= 14
A= 1

These numbers when added together gives you the total of 66.

A 6 letter word adding to 66 together of course gives you 666 – the purported number of the beast.

It is a fact that the primary component of your blood is the key to your carbon life form reduced down into components of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.

Manly P. Hall once said, “We are the gods of the atoms that make up ourselves, but we are also the atoms of the gods that make up the universe. This makes 666 your carbon footprint metaphorically speaking and can be identified through something called Carbon 12 – anything beyond that, of course, to 13 we begin to see what is called, “Transhuman Conversion.”

Because Transhumanist technocratic views like Eugenics and population reduction are hidden agendas within worldwide sustainability brought forward in the Great Reset, It can be theorized that your “carbon footprint” will be exploited.

This will be exploited with what is called a “mark” – this mark will be your biogenetic proof that you are in compliance with the technocratic world government.

There are many theories as to how this “mark” will exploit your 666. In the not too distant future legacy systems that we count on for health and sustenance will be controlled by a world government.

Without your identification “mark” you will not be able to buy, sell or trade without the mark or technology that the technocracy requires for conformity, you must prove your compliance and that you are “clear” of any disease or malady.

The question is how is this mark going to be implemented and what is the technology that exploits the 666 that we all have within us?

Many have stated that a microchip will be used – a chip the size of a grain of rice will be inserted under the skin. But it appears that what is going to happen is far more intricate and clandestine.

There was a study that was conducted in Italy where a number of standard vaccines were subjected to analysis to determine exactly what was in them.

“Vaccines are being under investigation for the possible side effects they can cause. In order to supply new information, an electron-microscopy investigation method was applied to the study of vaccines, aimed at verifying the presence of solid contaminants by means of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an X-ray microprobe. The results of this new investigation show the presence of micro- and nanosized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccines’ samples which is not declared among the components and whose unduly presence is, for the time being, inexplicable.”

What they found were nanoparticles, mercury and trace amounts of gold filament.

If this rings a bell you may remember that earlier during the pandemic speculations about arrested Harvard chemistry professor Dr. Charles Lieber, who was arrested for allegedly not disclosing his financial relationship to the Wuhan virology laboratory. His specialty, you’ll recall, was nano-technology. Then came the Chinese doctors who were eventually were killed or jailed saying that the Wuhan virus was a bioweapon and others referenced it as being an experimental technology and not a virus.

This would explain why the virus is a methodical infector –and kills mostly older adults with underlying conditions. Nanotechnology has been discussed on or show before with Elana Freeland discussing Domestic Quell operations—we spoke of nanotech being part of the Transhumanist agenda and that it was also the last thing Julianne Assange spoke of before he mysteriously disappeared from the public eye and was jailed.

Dr. Lieber appeared to be fairly intimately involved with what seemed to begin as simply a nanotechnology lab, but now had shifted to involve biology as well, since he described visiting the lab multiple times per year “as we try to build up the nano-bio part of the lab.” Whether or not this nano-bio part of the Nano Key Laboratory is related to Wuhan’s BSL-4 virology lab isn’t clear, however, if the Wuhan strain was bio-engineered, technology classified as “nano-bio” would’ve almost certainly played a role.

Another co-creator of the Coronavirus variant Dr. Frank Plummer, a world-renowned HIV researcher, died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

We reported that Plummer acquired a Coronavirus sample from researchers that extracted it from a 60-year-old man in Saudi Arabia and had it in Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory where it was allegedly stolen by Chinese agents.

The research on the Coronavirus sample was done in conjunction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s national lab, the National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases which is housed in the same complex as the National Microbiology Laboratory.

Back on February 22nd. 2017, the weekly journal of Nature reported that a maximum security lab BSL-4 was under construction in Wuhan China. Constructing the   Maximum-security bio-lab was part of a plan to build a network of bio-safety level-4 or BSL-4 facilities across China.

A 2008 research paper entitled, Nanorobot Hardware Architecture for Medical Defense analyzes in fine detail how nanotech devices such as nanorobots could be used to for various purposes such as “medical defense” and “epidemic control.”

It states that it provides details on an “integrated platform and hardware architecture for nanorobots application in epidemic control, which should enable real time in vivo prognosis of biohazard infection.”

The idea is to place nanotech inside our bodies which communicates in real time with the Smart Grid (powered by 5G) to provide intimate information to the authorities about us.

Nanorobots integrated with nanobiosensors can help to transmit real time information, using international mobile phones for wireless data transmission through satellite communication. In fact, nanorobots should mean an efficient and powerful clinical device to provide precious biomedical monitoring, both for soldiers as for civilian population.

This is an advanced “mark” for a transhumanist technocratic version of contact tracing.

Forget an app on your phone; the plan is for in surveillance. There are many significant quotes from the paper, but here is one last one:

“Frequencies ranging from 1 to 20MHz can be successfully used for biomedical applications without any damage.”

Is the implication that there could be damage if frequencies are higher than 20MHz, such as in the 30-100 GHz range of 5G?

The model, as the article notes, it to turn every human being, via nano-implants, into an antenna transmitting information, that is to say, the idea is to turn human beings into machines.

Back in 2014, Anthony Patch appeared on an interview where he literally described the future we are in now and he even named what would be the new SARS Coronavirus where people would be terrified by it and would demand that a vaccine be created in order to stop the spread of this potentially deadly disease.


To quote Patch from the interview:

“There is another insidious disease which is really a manmade biological construct called the MERS coronavirus– a Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome that because of air travel will reach around the world.”

At the time Patch had said that the purpose of this disease would be to kill some of the population but more importantly to terrorize people into accepting an emergency vaccine.

He then went on to say that what is important is what is in the vaccine and why it would be so important to distribute it on a massive scale.

Because according to Patch it will be a DNA manipulator or modifier. He speculates that it would be a third strand of DNA made of silicon and coated in gold. What he proposed was nanotechnology placed in a vaccine.

As we approach December, it will be a full year that entire world has been held hostage by this disease.

As of last month it was reported that 1 in 10 or as much as 10 percent of the world’s population may have been infected with the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.

The United Nations agency’s head of emergency response Dr. Michael Ryan said at a briefing that millions of people remain at risk of contracting the virus due to persistent outbreaks in Southeast Asia and Europe, according to multiple news outlets.

“Our current best estimates tell us about 10 percent of the global population may have been infected by this virus. It varies depending on country, it varies from urban to rural, it varies depending on groups. But what it does mean is that the vast majority of the world remains at risk.”

Do the numeric synchronicities surprise you?







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