It goes without saying that there exists a fragmented America today. To say there are divisions is an understatement, and they go much deeper than politics. The current political climate is full of disorder and mistrust. It is rife with group demands and group grievances, but a “culture” is made up of individuals, not groups. A culture is the sum of shared values held by most citizens in any country. America’s primary shared value for over 200 years has been sovereignty of the individual.

Autonomy, freedom, sovereignty, liberty for all.

‘It is one of those rare things that makes a country great—but it is also one of those things that most people are now wanting to destroy.

It can be argued that collectivism and tribal attitudes are what are destroying this country from within.

Victimhood and outrage have become cottage industries and they put a spotlight on our differences. Everyone feels that they must have a resistance or a defiance against petty evils that divide us politically and religiously.

The United States was at a unique point in history because it was consciously founded on the value of the individual, and the United States Constitution was framed to protect the individual. This concept of individualism made the United States of America exceptional in the history of humankind. But the United States are not united now. Why?

The biggest divide in America today is between groups: Groups identified by skin color and other physical features: white, Asian, Black, and Aboriginal individuals; groups identified by gender or gender-preference: LBGTQ individuals; groups identified by ethnicity: Hispanic, Asian, and European-descendant individuals; groups identified by religion: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim individuals.

Every one of those groups are encouraged to join an adversarial group – they demand that you recognize their struggles—and ignore your own. We are all struggling some more than others – but when the struggles turn to anger and rage we begin to see the fallout from those who wish to organize and find a scapegoat for all of their problems.

Republicans blame Democrats and vice versa – some conservative groups blame homosexuals and the granddad of theme all is the clash between white people –and people of color.

Now keep in mind that every group does and must consist of individuals. It is the sovereignty of the individual that is the bedrock upon which all of us and each of us — no matter race, sex, ancestry, or religion are protected by our codified Constitution against violence and/or tyranny from abroad or from within.


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