This mechanistic, technical-military, psychological attitude had inevitable consequences. Every single act in foreign policy is governed exclusively by one viewpoint.”

The ghosts of Einstein and Teller should be haunting us by now but of course, while Einstein was cautious about using power, Teller was not as ethical.

He would later say that “It is not the scientist’s job to determine whether a hydrogen bomb should be constructed, whether it should be used, or how it should be used.”

Responsibility, however exercised, rested with the American people and their elected officials.

We all know what happened after that – Truman dropped the bombs on Japan.

Today, a warning was issued by Elon Musk about the new danger for future warfare and that is Artificial Intelligence – not just any Artificial Intelligence but autonomous war machines that are programmed to kill without conscience.

Musk was a guest speaker at South by Southwest and he doubled down on his warning that Artificial Intelligence is far more dangerous than any nuclear war head.

He stated that there needs to be a regulatory body overseeing the development of super intelligence.

It is not the first time Musk has made frightening predictions about the potential of Artificial Intelligence — he has, for example, called AI vastly more dangerous than North Korea and he has previously called for regulatory oversight.

Some have called his tough talk fear-mongering. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said Musk’s doomsday AI scenarios are unnecessary and “pretty irresponsible.” And Harvard professor Steven Pinker also recently criticized Musk’s tactics.

Musk, however, is resolute, calling those who push against his warnings “fools.

Furthermore. Musk said:

“The biggest issue I see with so-called AI experts is that they think they know more than they do, and they think they are smarter than they actually are, This tends to plague smart people. They define themselves by their intelligence and they don’t like the idea that a machine could be way smarter than them, so they discount the idea — which is fundamentally flawed.”

Based on his knowledge of machine intelligence and its developments, Musk believes there is reason to be worried.

Musk pointed to machine intelligence playing the ancient Chinese strategy game Go to demonstrate rapid growth in AI’s capabilities. For example, London-based company, DeepMind, which was acquired by Google in 2014, developed an artificial intelligence system, AlphaGo Zero, that learned to play Go without any human intervention. It learned simply from randomized play against itself. The Alphabet-owned company announced this development in a paper published last October.


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