People can say that there are no such things as vile beings, shape shifters, or even werewolves but Gein the most horrifying butcher of them all was most certainly defined as a ghoul.

After the discovery of Bernice Worden’s headless body in 1957, the police thought that Ed could have been involved in more murders.

Gein then confessed to the murder of Bernice Worden. He stated that he was dazed at the time and only remembers dragging her to his ford truck. He also said he had took the body parts the police found from the graves and had not killed anyone except Bernice Worden.

Later he admitted to also killing Mary Hogan. The sanity of Ed was in question and was suggested that he plead not guilty, by reason of insanity. Ed went underwent lots of psychological tests which did say that he was emotionally impaired. While Ed was doing more tests the police continued to search his land.

On November 29th, police found buried, skeletal remains which were suspected to be of Victor Travis, who disappeared years earlier. After spending 10 years in a mental institution, he was put on trial. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

If you want to discredit Satanic possession as some superstitious explanation as to why people commit crimes – Ed Gein makes an excellent case that would have anyone thinking that the Devil was involved.

It can be argued that the devil is in every crime but the brutality of Ed Gein and many other devils little helpers – are a part of the terrifying reality of something wicked always comes.

If you look back over the crimes of the last century, some of the worst examples, including brutal murders and child abuse, will have Satan’s name attached to them—and that’s without having to go back to the Enlightenment era. The devil gets blamed for a lot. It’s an easy explanation for committing unspeakable acts: Satan made them do it.

One of the world’s most infamous serial killers, Richard Ramirez, was a Satanist and partly responsible for the hysteria in the 80s. From 1984-85, he would break into people’s homes in the middle of the night. Once inside, he carried out brutal attacks that often involved rape and sodomy, before murdering his victims by stabbing, beating or shooting them. Ramirez was a Satanist and made some of his victims ‘swear on Satan’ or swear they loved Satan during the attacks.


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