A special part of the brain may recognize faces but not other kinds of Martian formations. This problem has often occurred as researchers examined Mars images for possible artifacts.

A apace helicopter like Ingenuity could fly over these regions and give us definitive proof of artificiality.

Back before Avi Loeb received a lot of attention about his opinions on Oumuamua, he appeared on Ground Zero and spoke of something else that intrigued him about new missions to the moon and to Mars. He believed that these two celestial spheres were like spider webs and that they may have been able to capture what he called relics or artifacts that would change the way we view our position in the universe.Why physicist Avi Loeb thinks there's a "serious possibility" that 'Oumuamua was an alien spacecraft | Salon.com

He stated that he had an interest in what he called space archaeology where we explore the moon and the planets on the solar system for signs of ancient life, and technological relics that may indicate that civilizations thrived in space at one time or that they may have gone underground and that this is why we have not detected them yet.

Loeb said:

“To me, the most interesting thing to do would be to do space archaeology, which is similar to digging into the ground, except you dig into space and you search for relics, for burnt out surfaces of planets, for artifacts on other planets. That’s an interesting future frontier, finding relics of dead civilizations out there.”

But the big question is that is we have advanced equipment that finds these artifacts on distant planets are we looking at relics of an alien civilization or are we looking at a human civilization that existed in our long distance past.

What would that do to the tangent universe?

There are good reasons to seriously consider the possibility that at some point in the Earth-Moon system’s 4.5 billion year-old history, an alien intelligence may have passed through our solar system; leaving physical artifacts of their visits.

These artifacts would likely entail more than just alien spaced detritus , and would arguably include evidence of alien scientific or industrial activity, such as extremely advanced lunar mining, energy generation; even technology related to lunar nearside Earth reconnaissance.

There is even more reason to believe that same about the planet Mars – and truly the Perseverance mission has set out to open up the possibility that there are artifacts on Mars and it will be just a matter of time before we find them.

When we were away for a few days, because of my senior producer Wes’s illness, I was still very busy preparing another presentation for the virtual conference, “Contact in the Desert.” The presentation is about Bracewell probes and as I was looking over some of my past work and other studies about them, I stumbled upon an old Cold war conspiracy theory about space, Mars and quite possibly another one of the reasons we are experimenting with a helicopter on Mars.


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