All through 2020 and now into 2021, there have been signals beaming to Earth and scientists have been trying to pinpoint their origins. Some have traced them to far away star systems while some are also being traced to asteroid clusters. Controversial Harvard astronomer, Avi Loeb has again made headlines as he insists that Oumuamua did not behave as an interstellar object would be expected to. Moreover, he’s been speaking about techno-signatures and how they are now important in the quest to find any proof of extraterrestrial life. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Harvard professor of astronomy, Avi Loeb, about THE BEACON OF THE OVERLORDS.

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On Beyond Zero 4/9/21

The GZ crew continued the morbid yet sensational discussion of serial killers and abruptly, without warning, we traversed into playing outrageous out-takes from radio personalities.

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On Beyond Zero 4/8/21

The afterflow show included the hermetically sealed GZ studs plus Shaman Gonzo. We were blown away by the etheric chatter via White Circle Technology (TM),

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