New domestic terror patsies are created almost like they are part of a stage play and the court of public opinion sees red – what they don’t see is the probability that recent shooters, Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa and Noah Green may have been mind controlled patsies who were targeted and programmed with advanced remote neurotechnology. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with mind control researcher and author, Dr. John Hall about FUTURIAN CANDIDATE.

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On Beyond Zero 4/9/21

The GZ crew continued the morbid yet sensational discussion of serial killers and abruptly, without warning, we traversed into playing outrageous out-takes from radio personalities.

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On Beyond Zero 4/8/21

The afterflow show included the hermetically sealed GZ studs plus Shaman Gonzo. We were blown away by the etheric chatter via White Circle Technology (TM),

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