Episode 4 – Accessing Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom with Mathues Imhotep and the Divine Ms. M


In this Episode:

On the road from Disclosurecon I stop by Sedona to have a visit with Mathues Schleuter and the Divine Ms. M to discuss accessing ancient knowledge and wisdom. Mr. Schlueter is an IT Specialist, focusing on Real-Time effectiveness and efficiency with over 35 years of expertise in implementation and consulting, to such organizations as the Defense Intelligence Agency, Pentagon, Small Business Administration, Nike, California Welfare and Child Support and 30 additional fortune 300 companies. Mr. Schlueter worked for over a decade with the White Dragon Dynasty “Elders”, Governors of Central Banks, Officials – Heads of State & former heads of Agencies to enact a New Banking System for the betterment of humanity, commonly know as the White Hats or White Knights, under the YIL/AOE group and currently for the White Hat Mission Society. Mr. Schlueter is the Director of several Trusts and Foundations for Global Transformation, such as Prosperity for Humanity and People Helping People. Mr. Schlueter is a Partner and Executive Producer of New Earth Entertainment. Mr. Schlueter is also the Founder and Chairman of Global Net Systems, which is a Meta-Platform Nexus of Gold backed Crypto-Currencies, Multi-Dimensional Blockchains, Crypt Banks that feature secure delivery systems and transactions. Mathues is a founder and co-host of Deep Disclosure and 7th Seal Temple and 7th Seal Summit. Mr. Schlueter is an author and speaker under the synonym of Mathues Imhotep of the book series entitled, 7th Seal – Hidden Wisdom Unveiled. As Mathues, he started the movement called SAINT – Spiritually Aligned Intentional Networking Teams, as part of the I AM Movement of Intentional Awareness. Mathues has also discovered an unique cipher, which he had termed the Germain Code. Magen Martinez is the Divine Ms. M. She is an interdimensional telepath, medical intuitive, energy worker, sound healer and human divining rod. Ms. M has contributed as a consultant in criminal investigations, worked with medical professionals to accurately diagnose medical issues and has helped recovery specialists to locate missing artifacts. Ms. M. is a true Renaissance woman, a multimedia artist, visionary entrepreneur and Actionist dedicated to building a better world. Ms. M is a Modern Day Mystic and shares her practical wisdoms with live audiences and through her various YouTube appearances. Check out the services below to see how you can work with Magen one on one to build your bridge of light and let go of emotional patterns that are no longer serving you


Melissa Martel and Kal Korff

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