Episode 12 – Heldor’s Roadmap to Eschaton


In this Episode:

The little horn, or anti-christ, has surely risen out of the ocean as the great tentacled leviathan, ready to begin HIS reign of hell over man. We have been warned by Dr Hell Door on The Secret Teachings and Ground Zero that Aurora is the ant-christ and that this false savior has a direct connection to artificial intelligence. This is clear, but we were also warned that Aurora is the sister of Apollo, whereas Diana/Artemis actually shares this relationship, leaving Aurora/Eos as simply the ‘dawn’. That would make ‘aurora’ akin to a false light that extends from Diana/Artemis, and therefore Prince William enters the picture. From the false royal bloodline of Christ and claims to the worldly throne by the House of Windsor comes the red dragon, risen out of the sea, and ready to take control. The centers of financial power in London, Military might in Washington DC, and spiritual power are being plucked just as Daniel 7:8 informs us. With trillions demanded for climate initiatives to be enforced through Prince Charles’ ‘war-like footing’, and the New World religious center being built, the construction of the third temple completes the blueprint for the eschato


Melissa Martel and Kal Korff

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