AMAZING TALE of Hostage Escape and Beware Biden’s 500 MILLION Home RAT (tests) – 12/21/2021


In this Episode:

* INTERVIEW “My Son Hunter” filmmaker Phelim McAleer on his upcoming film about sex, lies and corruption of the Biden family
* Beware the Test: Biden plans 500 MILLION home Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) to rat you out and push fear
* The amazing tale of how kidnapped missionaries in Haiti escaped
* BigPharma Booster Club: Triple-vexed celebrities & politicians who test positive anyway declare their love for the juice. Don’t expect Jim Cramer to admit failure of his cash cow.
California county hits church with $3.8 MILLION Covid fine and demands member list
* Pentagon orders company to stop making dog tags with Bible verses. Small business owner tells heartbreaking story of how he began donating encouraging dog tags
* BOO-ster: Trump & O’Reily booed by MAGA fans when both admit they’ve been triple vexed. * * * What about Trump’s natural immunity
* Will Prog attacks on “President Manchin” push the Senator to change the balance of power in the Senate?
* France admits Vaccine Passports are “Disguised Mandates”
* Canada lays plans for financial attacks on Pro-Life organizations, calling all Pro-Life groups “misinformation”


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