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Edict Zero Minute #3 | Edict Zero

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    Edict Zero Minute #3 | Edict Zero Slip Gate Nine

Edict Zero Minute #3

It’s that time again.  Today, we release another “Edict Zero Minute” preview of the series.

In the last clips, we introduced a supporting character, tactical unit commander John Bradoch (voiced by Jack Kincaid) and the first of our main characters in the unit which the series will focus on, and that’s, of course, Special Agent Nick Garrett (voiced by James Keller).

Now introducing:

Special Agent “Jewels” Kircher, voiced by Julie Hoverson.

In this clip, we are inside FIS’s mainland headquarters where a new task force has been assembled in the wake of a big criminal event.  Agent Kircher is one of many agents being briefed by the task force leader, an organized crime division Deputy Section Chief, Agent Paul Wakeman (voiced by Jack Kincaid), who has incorporated video stills from public cameras into his presentation, which focuses on a meeting between two underworld figures.

Click here to listen:

Edict Zero – FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #3

Edict Zero: FIS

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