Episode 10 – Altar At The Abyss Cull Of Cthulhu


In this Episode:

It is clear that the energetic essence of EVIL or H.I.M. has grown considerably in the years following the Slender Man stabbing. Movies such as Stickman, Bye Bye Man, and Empty Man, along with television shows like Chestnut Man, depict the influence of this force on children in particular. The movie Antlers, while not focusing on one of the many manifestations of EVIL in popular culture, deals with a mythological creature – Wendigo. The manifestation of this force is present in popular culture and even in professional sports. Climate Pledge Arena, home of the Seattle Kraken, is the new ‘Denver Airport’. Although the facility professes to represent green environmentalism, equality, health, and safety, underneath this facade is a Corporate-Banking-UN agenda plainly laid out on the arena’s website. Every arena experience is equivalent to an enormous energetic ritual wherein the arena itself is a tabernacle, altar, or shrine to the Spectre, Hydra, and Cthulhu.


Melissa Martel and Kal Korff

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