Episode 11 – See Ya on the Other Side


In this Episode:

Travis Scott’s 2021 Astroworld Festival disaster, regardless of the cause, has been turned into a ritual chant of the events by mainstream media and called a satanic ritual by the alternative media. Festivals have famously been used to experiment with drugs and methods of psychological mind control. ‘See ya on the other side’ was one of the slogans from Scott’s event, a theme found in Disney, Alice’s Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and other forms of programming that confuse reality with fantasy. Outside of well-known intelligence agencies involved in such experiments, the Tavistock Institute is responsible for studying how hallucinogenic drugs and music alters the brain. Among other things, music and drugs can certainly transport one to the other side. It is no coincidence, then, that “Travis Scott” sounds awfully similar to Tavistock – Travistock or TaviScott. It is also no coincidence that his stage was an inverted cross protruding from a swirling mountain portal of fiery hell and that attendees had to walk through a gateway of the artist’s mouth to participate in the ritual.


Melissa Martel and Kal Korff

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