Episode 13 – Leftover Robot Turkey


In this Episode:

From foraging and hunting to domestic agriculture, man has come a long way. Now man sits in his home ordering prepared foods, meals ready to eat, and groceries from the tap of a button. Soon all of these convenient options will be catered with drones and autonomous vehicles rather than humans. In the process of this technological progressive evolution, the soul has been separated from man alongside his relationship to food and soil.
The United States and other western Nations even in times of restriction still have more than poorer countries. When there are cargo ships offshore, supply chain breakdowns, increased thanksgiving costs, food and retail cost increases, gas prices rising, and massive inflation, etc., we still have it really really good. However, we should NEVER allow this reality to justify scarcity by acknowledging our past Abundance and simply accepting a new artificial normal. When the United States loses its abundance, we know the rest of the world that was already in poverty is either dying or already dead.

This Thanksgiving we serve you the Robot Turkey, a new kind of bird promising cockroach milk mashed potatoes, red#40 cranberry sauce with no cranberries, genetically modified corn, and tofu turkey with 3D printed bones.


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