Episode 15 – Metatron’s Eighth Sphere


In this Episode:

Finally, we are at a point where the grand unified theory of conspiracy, the paranormal, the unidentified, and the unexplained, unfolds in one terrifying and all inspiring realization. It doesn’t take the new Matrix film to remind fans of the plot. During the war with the machines, the sky was darkened to prevent the initial machines from obtaining their energy. As a response, the machines began to farm, cultivate, and exploit the energy of the human as a battery to power their systems. But like in the movie The Island, the clones would only be useful if they had been allowed to obtain consciousness. In the same way for the same reason, the machines plugged humans into a virtual simulation of their world at the height of the 20th century. This simulation of the real world is the womb of synthetic growth. It powers the machine world and feeds the artificial system.


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