Episode 17 – Age of the Black Sun


In this Episode:

The year of the tiger can also be marked as the year of ‘Saturn Returns’. Although Saturn is commonly associated with Capricorn, the goat, providing us with the horns of the devil and the black companion of Satan, as well as the Black Sun. He sometimes is depicted riding a donkey, which astrologically is Sagittarius, therefore linking Saturn to the two-faced gods like Janus who is most famous for the month of January. Since Saturn has been identified as Cronus, we know that he is the god of time as well as agriculture. The changing of the seasons was very important to earlier Man and relates directly to the turning of the yearly wheel. But there are larger cycles inside of even larger cycles. Saturn was supported in his authority by the Titans, who were said to hold up the earth from within after being imprisoned by Jupiter. The Titans are also said to exist in natural disasters that cleanse the earth. Throughout popular culture and history, both contemporary and esoteric, men have worked to encourage the return of Saturn and these Titans to purify the earth. We know that Omicron can be translated to the ‘little o’ (omi) or ‘beginning’ in relation to ‘time’ (cron or cronus). Now, Ihu brings us the meaning of ‘god rescues’ and is defined as a ‘variant of Jesus’, the divine adversary, and the return of chaos, the titans, Saturn, the ancient gods, Lovecraftian Great Old Ones, etc. Ihu is also similar to EA, or the Sumerian Enki who brought the flood. Enki was furthermore the son of Tiamat, the Celestial being bursting from the Earth in the Eternals


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