Episode 18 – This Little Piggy Went To The Lab


In this Episode:

Xenotransplantation is the harvesting of animal organs, including those that are genetically modified, for human subjects. In October 2021, a pig’s kidney was successfully transplanted into a person and in early 2022 a GE pig heart was transplanted into a human subject. These technologies and techniques aim to assist those in dire need of organs, of which a few hundred die each year as a result of not receiving a transplant or their body rejecting one. GE organs have been offered as a solution so that the body naturally does not so easily reject them. However, the notion that such experiments are new is only the result of the public lacking contextual data. In 2017 MIT Technology Review reported that there were farms where human organs were being grown inside of animals! That same year scientists confirmed a journal Nature report from the 1980s when they announced the ability they had to alter blastocysts, the precursors of embryos, to prevent the development of certain organs in the body of an animal. Splicing of different species and kingdoms has been conducted since at least the 1970s, and the US and China were conducting the same in 2021. By blurring the line between human and animal, and even insect, such technology could easily be used to alter the human in a way to render it nothing more than an automaton. This could be done without the need to alter embryos too. The creation of an inferior race could be accomplished through the methodologies of a master race using the same technology to make themselves beautiful and more intelligent.


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