Episode 2 – Ashes of Ritual Death to Dust


In this Episode:

After the ‘attacks’ of September 11, 2001, we were told that terrorists were responsible because of their jealousy and hatred of ‘freedom’. We were told to ‘never forget’. Such a claim subconsciously and unconsciously implies with a serpent-like whisper that if we want to be safe and prevent further attacks, we must surrender ‘freedom’. The psychological trauma caused altered the way in which our brains function, impairing neurophysiological, psychological, and cognitive functioning. Twenty years later, much of the public preservation of that ‘freedom’ has been eroded. The twin towers disappearing that morning represented the fall of strength and beauty, philosophy and science, intelligence and moral, and Boaz and Jachin, along with the collapse of the social and cultural temple or order upheld by those pillars. For two decades we have seen memorials turned into shrines in an ‘honor’ that has diverted from families to the traumatizing events themselves and all of their satellite issues. These past 20 years have also culminated in a series of ongoing traumas beginning in 2020, promulgated by media twenty four hours a day. Once a nurse in Colorado transformed Moderna vials into a chandelier shrine it became clear that ritual of material and magic of the mind were still at work. The nurse said she wanted to bring light to “such a dark and challenging year”, though her work of art strangely mimicked a quantum computer chip, itself an inverted Tower of Babel. The implication is this is that reaching to the heavens provides no guarantee that God will respond, especially if intentions are rooted in material motivations. Sometimes a false light reaches back, connecting its point downward with the overreaching hand of man seeking upward motion.


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