Episode 2 – Media Fear Pressure


In this Episode:

Another variant of the Corona Virus was announced last Friday, and the world is already cycling through the worn out routine of problem, reaction, solution. Will people realize the narrative is getting born out, or will they allow themselves to get sucked deeper and deeper into the plan and comply again?

Technology is growing and expanding every day. Is the arm candy being falsely mandated, an avenue to incorporating materials into our bodies to prepare them to assimilate AI technology? Facebook recently changed its name, and company model to Metaverse. Is it working with governmental entities and other nefarious power agents to incorporate and transport us into Virtual activities in all areas of life including work, recreation, exercise socialization, learning, self-care, spiritual endeavors, home and finance tasks.

With each advance in technology comes an increased possibility of loss of privacy, freedoms, and security. What is it worth to you? What are you willing to give up to gain these new opportunities?

Who would have thought a few years ago we would be living in a society mirroring the 1984 novel, or Brave New World. We have quickly moved into a world that no longer respects innate freedoms, and the constitution of the United States is being torn down and disrespected. Every day is an opportunity to affect positive change in our communities, and world, despite an agenda to tear it down. In today’s show Brandy bring forward ideas and thoughts on the importance of keeping a positive attitude, and ways to help young people develop healthy attitudes and behaviors despite living in a society that works against them.

Brandy also shared some history of Christmas and some of the traditions celebrated throughout time.


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