Episode 4 – Charlie Robinson


In this Episode:

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine

How apt this famous quote is for this time in history.  “Follow the money is what I always say.  Therein lies the truth!”  Following the money leads down a dark, ugly path, wrought with evil intent.  All this is done under the guise of good, and the protection of those in our society that are considered vulnerable.  It is a plan of great deception, however, because the definition of vulnerable is being inappropriately applied.  The idea that one individual’s rights can be allowed to supercede anyone else’s is a dangerous position.

Who is even in such a place of power or authority to fairly, and reasonably do so?  And yet, this is exactly what has happened since mid March of this year due to an invisible, yet powerful virus.  But, what kind of virus?  That is the question leading to the uncovering of a scheme to undermine and ultimately break down the Republic.  The wishes and plans of the “elite”, those whom consider themselves to be better than those not part of their groups.  Their plans are self-promoting, and self-advocating.  The rights, needs, and wishes of the non-elite do not apply, and are disregarded.

Join Brandy Lou, and podcaster, and author Charlie Robinson as they discuss the state of the world and examine ways to answer the questions so many are asking, and brainstorm ideas to resolve the looming problems before its too late.  Charlie refers to material in several of his books.  Charlie and Brandy also talk about how they celebrate Christmas, and have some conversations about pie!


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