Episode 4 – Missing Three


In this Episode:

The last three years have produced three synchronistic cases of missing children. All three were boys, three-years old, and were missing for three days. In 2019, Casey Hathawyay vanished from his grandmother’s back yard only to be found in the woods about 50 feet from where he went missing. In 2021, Jude Leyton went missing in a Canadian forest only to be found less than half a mile from where he was last seen. And a few months later, before the story of Gabby Petito was circulating in the media, Anthony Elfalak went missing in the Australian woods, only to be found 1,540 feet from his home. In all three cases, the end result was after authorities and search teams had swept the area. The case of Gabby Petito is also interesting because not only did she go missing, according to reports, in a National Park, but her fiancé disappeared into a wild life preserve in Florida after becoming a person of interest.

But what is further disturbing is that when the young Casey Hathaway was returned home, he said he was taken care of by a bear in the woods, and that he only wanted to watch Netflix. In the show Stranger Things, as with the Momo Challenge and Slenderman, the monsters are known to have dominion in the woods and are depicted with vines and spidery limbs. In other shows, movies, and music videos, the monsters are called such or referred to as His Infernal Majesty. Meme magic, chaos magic, suggestibility and conjuring rituals may be more than metaphor, and perhaps more than the part of the collective unconscious. An episode of American Horror Stories called Drive In, is about a cursed movie that makes people homicidal. The episode is based on a real movie, Antrum, that was linked to 86 people’s deaths at screenings since the 1980s. What’s more, the episode ended with the film debuting on Netflix and the city descending into chaos. Turns out the movie was made with intention to manipulate the viewer’s fear and aggression centers in the brain to drive them to violence; to manifest and conjure a behavior.


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