Episode 5 – Apostles of the State


In this Episode:

Pope Francis has recently compared media criticism of the Church to the ‘work of the devil’. A few days later, NY Governor, Kathy Hochul, told a Christian audience that she needs ‘apostles’ to spread the good word of medical shots, particularly if they love other people and want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. In other words, if you don’t then you are working for the devil. After praising health workers as heroes and addressing the unfortunate nature of so many people being out of work because of government lockdowns, etc., this Catholic Governor proceeded with a state-wide mandate to force those same health workers out of their jobs for refusing a certain medical shot, while stunningly refusing to acknowledge their religious exemptions. This was done while a Federal Judge already ruled that the State must provide religious exemptions under the Law. It would seem that those speaking in the name of Christ may actually be speaking with a forked tongue in the name of something more demonic that wishes to bind, rather than free, the children of God.


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