Episode 5 – The Paranormal – With Michael From Darkhour Paranormal


In this Episode:

In this episode I will discuss the topic of the paranormal with Michael Rosner of Dark Hour Paranormal and fellow Co-Panelist on Third Phase of Moon! Michael roser is the founder of DarkHour Paranormal, panel member with third phase of moon, manager of third phase UFO report, manager of Dr J Radio live’s channel, and panelist on black lotus productions. He began in radio in 2003, on a local station. He is an esoteric talk radio show host, researcher of everything under the esoteric umbrella, Ufology enthusiast and researcher, filmographer, documentarian, and quasi journalist.
Michael is certified in Usui reiki mastery level, a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and has been aware of environmental energies for his entire life. He is also the front man and solo guitarist for third phase of Moon band.


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