Episode 6 – Abortion Of This Message Is Brought To You By Satan


In this Episode:

Over the first weekend of October protests against abortion restrictions in Texas, or women’s marches, ‘spontaneously’ sprang up around the United States. As protesters demanded ‘hands-off our bodies’ and ‘my body my choice’, thousands of health care working heroes and college students were fired or unenrolled because they believed that their bodies warranted them the liberty interest of not being forced to take medical treatment. They lost their jobs or were kicked out of school, even when having declared their medical or religious right of being exempt. This happened the same weekend of the women’s marches. Many of these so-called anti-vaxxers had been protesting and chanting similar slogans to the women’s marches but instead of balanced news coverage, the media met these people with mockery. Apparently, you have a right to bodily autonomy and protest if it includes abortion, but when it includes bodily autonomy, protest rights, medical professionals, and human/religious liberty, you should be mocked and dismissed as crazy.


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