Episode 6 – So You Want to be a UFO Researcher? This Man Says Run


In this Episode:

In this episode special guest Richard Giordano host of Gufon lays is all out and doesn’t hold back. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

Richard Giordano is the host of GUFON. Gufon means: “The Giordano’s UFO Network” you can listen to Gufon only on Youtube. Host Richard Giordano, a “boots on the ground” UfO paranormal researcher since 2004 and a radio personality since 2006, Rich has pioneered the most original broadcasting the paranormal genre has ever enjoyed. The show is based off of Rich’s own experiences with the paranormal and his thoughts. It all started when Rich was shocked to his core to see how a misidentified or hoaxed event was deemed credible, as long as it was creating clicks and money for those involved. Rich exposes the lies as well as informs on the truth. GUFON is a show that is constantly mutating. The lives are never the same and important discoveries are created as premiere episodes. A serious show with a slice of comedy from a host who leaves it all on the table by sharing his own experiences and opinions from 17 years of trial and error investigating. Real boots on the ground reporting and investigating!


Melissa Martel and Kal Korff

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