Fed Reserve 108th Birthday BASH — Still Orchestrating Panic & Crash Today – 12/23/2021


In this Episode:

* The military, the murder & vivisection of babies, and transhumanism are all involved in Fauci’s unholy grail of a universal “flu” vaccine now announced as universal “SARS” vaccine.
* Federal Reserve created on this date in 1913 was sold by an engineered panic of 1907. It’s child’s play compared to what has been pulled since 2020. The key to understanding the future is understanding the past
* If you want to understand the elitist, global, transhumanist agenda of Silicon Valley, look at it’s roots — Technocracy
* School District tells parents they’re training staff to help children from kindergarten up who have “sudden cardiac arrest”
* Trump tries to explain his betrayal of First Amendment and his failure to protect Assange from the Deep State
* US Military shows its contempt and hatred of sincere religious beliefs and the “free exercise of religion” by REJECTING ALL 12,000 religious exemptions from TrumpShots
* Biden Blackmail (mandates) have lost in EVERY court except a preliminary hearing in 6th Circuit before tying in a hearing by the full court. Media continues to ignore the decision that BLOCKS Biden’s Blackmail in ALL 4 AREAS


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