Italians Pay $150 to get Covid Instead of TrumpShots as Body Count Increases – 01/13/2022


In this Episode:

* EMP Scare? Did FAA ground planes on the west coast at the time North Korean missile launch b/c they were concerned about ElectroMagnetic Pulse?
* Government hides Pfizer data showing DOUBLING of cardiovascular deaths of vaccinated
* Rather than get the TrumpShot, Italians are paying up to $150 for Covid parties to get virus and certification of natural immunity
* NEXT GLOBAL TREND: at least 5 jurisdictions hit unvaxed with continuous “significant” fines
* McPfizer: McDonalds refuses service even at takeout kiosk w/o a vaccine passport and Ronald McDonald house kicks out unvaxed families with terminally ill children
* BoJo “PartyGate”: listen to his the excuse as he’s been caught violating his own dictates for the 7th time and facing calls to resign
* Trump said DeSantis was gutless, ashamed to tell people he got a booster. Why is Trump unashamed of what he’s done?
* Even Pfizer’s CEO admits 2 shots are worthless, so get a booster!
* Have you heard about “herd immunity” lately? Remember when 70-80% was going to set us free?
* GoatTree, tested positive & was diagnosed by staff as having Omicron, checks in to tell us how it’s going
* Supply chain problems: will they help or hurt the globalists?


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