“It’s a Wonderful Jab” — What if Trump Had Never Made Them? – 12/27/2021


In this Episode:

* “It’s a Wonderful Jab” — How would the world be different if Trump hadn’t pushed Operation WarpSpeed & delivered the bioweapons of death & oppression?
* Will Trump or MAGA media ever come clean? When did Trump switch sides? Was he blackmailed or are his jabs being used to blackmail?
* Xi tells the Chinese established “Church of the Three-Person Self” their 2 priorities are Covid and obeying government. Sound familiar?
* Indian government is approving of violence & murder of Christians because they are violating “anti-conversion laws”. The same legal prohibitions are being developed in USA & western nations
* Navy continues to purge unjabbed sailors and marines even as a 100% jabbed crew is stranded with outbreak
* NFL and even Lebron James question the pandemic narrative
* “Nationalist” politician, Austria’s Kurz, heads to Silicon Valley to join the globalist technocracy as covid dystopia unleashed in his country
* “Pandemic” gives green light to everything the surveillance state can wish for
* Nurse of 17 years blows the whistle on the VAERS cover up


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