Military Mandate Lawsuit Judge SLAMS Corminaty— ALL Mandates Affected – 12/14/2021


In this Episode:

* FDA’s strange statement that Corminaty & Pfizer’s EUA shot are “legally distinct with certain differences” causes Judge to rule in favor of military members who say the FDA has NOT approved the vaccine the military is using
* Has the FDA’s authorization of Corminaty legally removed Pfizer’s EUA and exposed them to liability for adverse effects?
* Many major hospitals give up on mandates as staff refusals reach a magnitude that makes operation impossible
* INTERVIEW: Matt Trewhella, “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate”, (1) SCOTUS ruling on TX abortion law & Newsom’s intention to use the same tactic against 2nd Amendment (2) the importance of the military in interposing against tyranny
* INTERVIEW: Dr. Joel Hirschhorn, MD —(1) Thousands are dying daily but medical community is entrenched in failed protocols (2) Ivermectin success stories (3) Vitamin D deficiency as a core problem for Covid & other conditions — What level do you need? How to supplement? How to measure the level in your body?
* The murder of Julian Assange. Should we call the torture “enhanced incarceration”?


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