Monday Wild Ride DR Rho 770 Year Old ARC Reactor Ancient Decoder Part 1 – 12/13/2021


In this Episode:

On this episode of into the MicroCosm wild ride With Dr. Rho
We delve into traces of ancient technology hidden in carvings discovered by Praveen Mohan }” some solid evidence of an ancient arc reactor that existed 800 years ago. I know some of you will think this is an absurd claim, but I challenge you to watch till the end of this video and then prove me wrong.
Here we can see this insane carving on the ceiling of an ancient temple. At first view, it is quite shocking to see such an advanced design at such large scale, it is not a flower or a leaf or something that is available in nature. It is clearly a technical device. archeologists estimate that this temple was built around 1250 A.D, so it was built approximately 800 years ago, although it could be much older.
You cannot help but think that this could be a rotating mechanism like a jet engine propeller we see on airplanes. From the center, you can see the protruding knob. It is clearly a knob and it is exactly how jet propellers look. But this design is actually much more complex than a modern-day propeller. “

We get into the warning the antichrist , and the sixth seal the mahdi . The secrets of Fatima , and a magnetic pole flip . Tune in turn on and find out part one


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