Non-Covid Deaths Explode — Mass Extinction Underway 01/04/2022


In this Episode:

* THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY -> far, far beyond simply an increase, death rates for workforce ages (18-64) are up an unprecedented 40%. Here’s what the REALLY means
* Mass Formation Psychosis — what is it and does it fully explain what is happening worldwide?
* Maxwell family values and Mossad blackmail
* The technocracy is desperate to put implants in your body including the government “beast system” vaccine passport in your hand
* China models the NEXT stage of tyranny — dragging people out their homes by the thousands, in the middle of the night, taking them to concentration camps. And banning people from leaving their homes to even get food
* Mindless puppets, Biden & Kamala, hysterically marvel at inflation but offer no solution
* The key to stopping ALL FOUR of Biden’s Blackmail — Authorization vs Approval / Pfizer EUA vs Corminaty
* “Flurona”? Have they run out of Greek letters to scare people?


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