On Beyond Zero 3/18/21

The tri-kooks kicked it off with the poignant questions: Are we more xenophobic against Asian Americans now or is it yet another spin by the mainstream media? Hmmm…Chinese food is still the bomb! Clyde then proceeded to take the remaining calls – one dude from Kentucky was inquiring why there were no more Rondo Mondo food pics on his FlakeBook page. Clyde said it was because he ran out of cat litter. We concluded with brief discussion about some silly legislation in Utah whereby some conservative folks want to prohibit the viewing of porn on electronic devices along with not touching or manipulating your naughty regions in certain locales. Oh my!

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On Beyond Zero 4/9/21

The GZ crew continued the morbid yet sensational discussion of serial killers and abruptly, without warning, we traversed into playing outrageous out-takes from radio personalities.

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On Beyond Zero 4/8/21

The afterflow show included the hermetically sealed GZ studs plus Shaman Gonzo. We were blown away by the etheric chatter via White Circle Technology (TM),

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