Ramping Up PANIC-DEMIC with Omicron as Amtrak, Hospitals & Others Drop Mandates – 12/15/2021


In this Episode:

* Panic-Demic: BoJo & UK conservatives caught in lies about Omicron hospitalization and what they say is the world’s first and only Omicron death. Biden & US officials push baseless panic
* True inflation is the highest in US history — already, before TRILLIONS in new bipartisan spending
* Media reports “new” religion born of a merger of new age spirituality, politics and prosperity gospel. Is it new?
* Biden uses Title IX (whose original stated purpose was to stop sex discrimination in sports by using federal funds) to kill female sports.
* “Person of the Year”, Elon Musk. Is he on our side? It’s not rocket science
* Turns out those of us mocked and attacked early 2020 by ADL & media for sounding the alarm on surveillance, control, vaccine mandates were right. Hong Kong has massive incarceration camps already 25% occupied
* CountyOverCountry — this is how we TRULY Build Back Better instead of Build Back Bolshevik


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