Shortages, Violence Worldwide as Govt’s Continue to Push Jabs – 01/07/2022


In this Episode:

* China’s lockdown & starvation (prohibiting even buying food) accompanied by beatings and massive army of police
* Kazakhstan deadly riots disrupt bitcoin and threaten to disrupt uranium market. Is it a reaction to inflation & supply chain disruptions or engineered chaos?
* Jan6 the spin, the lies, the agendas — from just yesterday, a year later
* The relentless, iterative march to global tyranny using the TrumpShots, tightening restrictions monthly, like a boa constrictor
* Police attack mandate protestors, pepper spray 4 yr old boy, charge mother for endangerment
* Judge demands father be vaxed or lose access to son, fertility clinic refuses to help unjabbed, medical “ethicist” pushes “blame, shame, punish”
* CDC doesn’t even pretend to care enough to investigate death of 13 yr old boy and 3 yr old girl dies immediately after jab
* Study shows risk of adverse effects go up dramatically with each successive jab


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