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Site opens for Edict Zero – FIS | Edict Zero

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    Site opens for Edict Zero – FIS | Edict Zero Slip Gate Nine

Site opens for Edict Zero – FIS

Slipgate Nine Entertainment proudly announces the opening of the website for its upcoming science fiction audio drama series, Edict Zero – FIS, which will premiere in September. This site–as well as other social networking satellites–will be in a state of development until then, and presumably thereafter as the show grows. Some pages of this site won’t have content until after the release of the premiere, but you are welcome to browse and poke around to your heart’s content.

If you would like to hear the Edict Zero – FIS theme song, a remix of Nine Inch Nails’s ’26 Ghosts III’, you can visit Edict Zero’s myspace page or account on .

One of this site’s special features through August will be the “Edict Zero Minute”. These are one minute sneak previews of the series to demonstrate its technical quality and acquaint future listeners with some of its regular characters. The first was going to be released this coming weekend, but to celebrate the opening of the site, we are offering a bonus kick-off Edict Zero Minute.

This clip features a supporting character, John Bradoch, a tactical unit commander who has just arrived with his team to a crime scene, which is being secured by the city police. The character voices you’ll hear are performed by Jack Kincaid and James Keller.

To listen, click here:

Edict Zero -FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #1

Edict Zero: FIS

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