09/17/2021 Synthetic Biology / Digital Policing


In this Episode:

2:00 Goldman Sachs war games vaccine mandates — compliance metric is a bigger concern than unemployment?  Follow the money

21:01 Black family thrown out of restaurant in NYC for not being vaccinated…others cheer their expulsion.  This goes against all the principles of the last 60 yrs that public accommodations are available to all, with no exclusion for medical conditions or religious beliefs.

30:15 AP & other mainstream media go to war with sincerely held religious beliefs, calling it a “bluff” (even when people give up their job & career).  Hospital puts out a list of common products they say are also tainted with abortion & demands applicants swear they don’t use them

36:53 The best example letter for religious exemption I’ve seen — by a military listener

47:38  Synthetic Biology: Genetic Manipulation Like Software Design. New company funded by DARPA, Bill Gates to custom design the software of life — hacking God’s software

57:32 Washington State Patrol throws out EVERY religious exemption “no accommodation”. But college basketball team forfeits entire season rather than get vaccinated

1:02:33 Mayor DeBlasio is demanding that UN ambassadors & staff prove they’re vaccinated. But, they say, we have “an honor system” of compliance

1:06:45 Executive at pharmaceutical company destroys the immoral demands to vaccinate kids — it’s all about benefits vs risks.  Here’s the numbers and a warning to politicians about the people’s wrath when their children are sacrificed for politics and profits

1:23:00 Conservative & Christian Temperament is Dooming America. No matter how bad the institutions, we can’t imagine altering or abolishing them.  And Christian talk radio continues to nudge Christians to slavery by telling them to obey “authority” without ANY consideration of what is LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY.

1:52:06 Canada’s Trudeau rightfully mocks his “conservative” opponent as the “conservative” Premier of Alberta locks down hard again, including vaccine passports. But there IS a freedom candidate if the conservatives wouldn’t split the vote

2:08:45 Constitution Day good/bad news — only 56% can name the 3 branches of government but it’s the highest in 15 years.  But at Univ of Florida, students sign petition to abolish the Constitution, the hated product of dead white men

2:16:55 Digital Policing: Geofence, Keyword and Reverse Warrants.  Another example of corporate/government collusion to circumvent the Bill of Rights, another tentacle of the technocracy

2:28:36 Dennis Hastert — pedophile & longest serving GOP Speaker of the House — back in the news with MILLIONS paid to one of his victims.  Exhibit A of how perverted Washington is, including the GOP

2:36:48 A European Union standing army — it was just a BREXIT “conspiracy theory”? No

2:41:39 The world’s biggest battery (now part of the California grid) nearly catches on fire only a month after Australia had a massive fire that lasted for 4 days.  “Green” renewable energy is literally burning down our power grid


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