09/16/2021 Vax War Between States & Feds, Biden Moves to UN Gun Control


In this Episode:

15:24 New Hampshire bill introduced to put secession from federal govt before the voters because of corona-tyranny.

20:28 Tomorrow is Constitution Day — 234 yrs. Here’s the 3 favorite govt prevarications used to usurp power and the profound ignorance and apathy of the public about the content of the 1st Amendment.

36:31 More than half of US states vow to fight Biden’s jab mandates. HOW are they planning to fight?

46:04 Tenth Amendment Center says OSHA doesn’t have the manpower to enforce Biden’s vax mandate and Alan Dershowitz doesn’t think Biden’s use of OSHA will hold up in court

52:33 Pastor will sign a religious exemption but seems to push an online donation. Media/Drudge uses it to mock sincerely held religious beliefs. But here’s why there’s real value in it for you…

58:16 WATCH: Toddler with asthma and mother kicked off American Airlines b/c the mother wouldn’t smother her child. Airline workers in Canada, fighting back against vaccine passport mandates now being required by Dictator Trudeau to fly domestically

1:11:23 Listeners on lessor magistrates to oppose corona-dictates & abortion

1:19:04 Does Pfizer (or Fauci) have legal immunity for continuing to cripple and murder people AFTER tens of thousands have been killed?

1:28:36 Dallas schools are bribing 12+ yr old students with $50 (taxpayer money) to get the jab. Are they MATURE MINORS? Here’s what an injured 16 yr old says

1:43:37 FOX News (national) blames the unvaccinated for the death of a fully vaccinated mother. Here’s at least half dozen MORE PLAUSIBLE causes for her death

1:46:38 NO tests are being done for “delta variant”. A better case can be made that the DELTA FARCE may be the vaccine itself.

2:00:33 Detroit TV station asks Facebook for stories of UNVAXED deaths. Instead they get inundated with 180,000 stories of VAX deaths & injuries. Here are some of the comments

2:08:44 Over 2,600 vaxed die from covid, more than 11,000 hospitalized. Bipartisan bill to STOP funding of Gain of Function research

2:19:11 Biden moves to “rejoin” UN Arms Trade Treaty that was NEVER ratified by Senate. The treaty is a very dangerous tactic to ban all guns. McConnell didn’t block the phony treaty claims and George W Bush was in on the false flag to sell it.

2:28:14 Half of Americans polled believe Jan6 prisoners are “political prisoners”

2:42:31 New Climate push coming coordinated by all the late night TV court jesters. But Al Gore’s Oscar-winning LIE “Inconvenient Truth” with Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” of global warming, turns 15 and hasn’t aged well. My 10 yr old report about “experts”, hidden data and lies shows SAME tactics of climate alarmism being used today to push the SAME “solutions” via pandemic alarmism.


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