Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Civil WAR Sanatoriums And A New World Order Part 2 – 12/29/2021


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In this episode of into the MicroCosm I saw the light breaking news on the Maxwell decision and we forge ahead into the magnetic anomalies massive and unusual weather across the world Is the great reset more than just an advance into technology .In this episode we shine a light on the past and discover a narrative that doesn’t lineup scorched earth melted buildings melted metal piles of bricks do not add up to cannonballs don’t explode , And on a sidenote how are we feeding 24 million people visiting the worlds fair where is all that food coming from tune in turn on and find out


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n this episode of into the MicroCosm political activist and author of the Red Amendment LB Bork Joins us to discuss modern day slavery , and how-the 14th amendment changed everything tune in turn on and find outLB BORK The RED AMENDMENT. Part 2 – 01/19/2022


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