World Govt is HERE, NOW and Assange Betrayal & Massive Fines for Independent Journalists – 12/13/2021


In this Episode:

* Assange: Betrayal of First Amendment & Free Press by the military/intel complex. US govt threatens independent journalists with massive fines
* One year after Trump leaned on FDA to approve EMERGENCY use of untested vaccines
* Navy commander fired, children in Germany undergo “ritual humiliation” for not getting the TrumpJuice
* Professional athletes having heart attacks, dropping dead — NOT usual, but unprecedented say observers
* World government is NOT coming — IT’S HERE
* Massive anti-passport, anti-mandate marches in Brussels, UK, Ukraine, Australia and elsewhere.
* Elderly woman who tested negative dies in Covid Concentration Camp as she is refused treatment for other conditions
* Immediately after predicting the “first Omicron death” worldwide will be featured & fear mongered on Drudge — Bingo, it happens! One death claimed WORLDWIDE, now being used for more lockdown/vaccination
* Biden Build Back Bogus: Budget BS Deception REVEALED
* GOP pushes NUCLEAR option to Biden on Ukraine!
* WATCH BioNTech CEO say he didn’t get his jab
* Anchors Away: Brian Williams & Chris Wallace leave, and what does Bill 0’Reily & Trump’s opening night tell us


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