Gut Check

John Brisson

About the show:

Gut Check is a mixture of health, parapolitics, and current events from a Christian perspective. Gut Check is hosted by the integrative health coach, streamer, and investigative journalist John Brisson. John is the author of the Amazon bestseller Fix Your Gut and operates the We've Read the Documents YouTube channel. John is one of the lead researchers of the mysterious Council for National Policy and The Finders Operation. Finally, John occasionally has esteemed guests on Gut Check, including Billy Ray Valentine, Jimmy Gene, Mark from Housatonic Live, S90, C. S. Joseph, Recluse, George from, William Ramsey, Neil Sanders, and more! God bless everyone, and John hopes you learn something new from listening to Gut Check!

Starts at 4:00 pm
Ends at 5:00 pm

Latest Podcasts:


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