Opposing Perspective

with James F. Ponder

About the show:

This show is about presenting the anti conventional wisdom and expanding beyond the typical common knowledge that infests technical problems. I’ve been submerged in technical difficulties and solutions since my early 20s and have a pretty good perspective on what works, and I have been fortunate to come up with some decent solutions without killing anyone. Further, I have been blessed to be around some nosebleed level geniuses who have shared their experiences, answers, and their personal knowledge of “James – don’t do it that way.”

Between the Army, some 3-letter agencies, way too many attorneys and a series of large classes of students I’ve experienced a lot of things I’d never inflict upon anyone, yet survived to have some reasonable answers – we hope -in this complex, over-wired world.

I seek your comments, ideas and disagreements as I seek the great knowledge base of Aftermath’s listeners.

Latest Podcasts:

Episode 1 – Consider if you will


Published on Monday, 25 January, 2021

Do I have any personal or business data leaks?

Where are my personal data leaks?

How could I fix some of these?

Have I already been hacked?

Do I have adequate backups of all my personal documents?

Has this affected my credit score/rating?

What do I do on the internet that could hurt me?

Episode 2 – The ‘Smart’ Watchers

Members Only

Published on Monday, 1 February, 2021

On today's show James discusses RFID's, predictive databases and smart cars and how they are/will be used to track you, predict your behaviors, invade your privacy, restrict your freedom and sell you more stuff!

Ep. 3 – Psychohistory & Chaos

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Published on Monday, 8 February, 2021

Just because we have fast computers and big clusters of data processing doesn't mean we know what we're doing. Running a war, running an election or governments surveilling their populace shows we really don't know what we're doing.

Episode 4 – The Network We Needed . . . and the One We Got

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Published on Monday, 15 February, 2021

The internet that we have today was developed for highly different needs, demands and marketing schemes. Survive a nuclear war, manipulate your emotions, or just get a decent connection for search? In any case, it's all tracked. This is not what we bargained for.

**Apologies for the recording volume. Still learning the recording process.

Episode 5 – VR, AR and AI and Why You should care

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Published on Monday, 22 February, 2021

It's easy to confuse the abbreviations in high tech, I've even found some "Tech writers" who get these things mixed up. Dive in now to full descriptions and explanations, and we'll analyze these big three coming in our near future.

Episode 6 – The Navy UFO Patents: The Breakthroughs are here, or more Government Disinformation?

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Published on Monday, 1 March, 2021

You are probably as interested in UFO technology as I am. Spend some time and let's go over the release of the US Navy's patent applications, and figure out what we can of these short sentences. Major science alert.

Episode 7- What are these UFO’s we’re seeing?

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Published on Monday, 8 March, 2021

Today we explore the recent uptick in aerial phenomenon.

Music break: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogr1glgwLk0

Episode 8 -The Internet of Things – the Easy Way can Kill You.

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Published on Monday, 15 March, 2021

The Internet of Things is here and its presence is growing. Let's look at the various deployments of the IoT in things convenient and awful.

Featured music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlGiOiRQNhI

Episode 9 – Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrency and The…

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Published on Monday, 22 March, 2021

Today we explore Blockchain and NFT's. What are they and how do they work?

Featured song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS1smp-s-hE

Episode 10 – War in Space

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Published on Monday, 29 March, 2021

Today we discuss the space race of the past and the future of actual interstellar war.

Episode 11 – What is wrong with my Internet Connection?

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Published on Monday, 5 April, 2021

We are not getting what we pay for with the internet.  Its buildout was not straightforward, and numerous parts of it were invented in different decades.  Let's examine the problems behind the scene.

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