The Old Stoney’s Podcast

Matt Criscione

Justin McDonald

About the show:

The Old Stoney's are Matt Criscione and Justin McDonald, the show focuses on cannabis related issues from medical advancements to what type of weed people are smoking.

Matt is a former Arborist and has written for DOPE magazine, and worked for top notch dispensaries and cannabis brands like Oregon's Finest, Lucky Lion, and Magic Number. He continues his quest for cannabis knowledge.

Justin is a lifelong broadcaster and journalist. The founder of Dopecast420, Cannacast420, and The Quick Hit. He has written for several cannabis publications and was a reporter for a major broadcast outlet covering the cannabis industry.

Starts at 4:00 pm
Ends at 5:00 pm
Starts at 12:00 pm
Ends at 1:00 pm

Latest Podcasts:


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